Quade Paul sculpting in scorpion in Zbrush
Quade Paul sculpting in scorpion in Zbrush

3d modeling can be based on a design you have in mind, an anatomical organ or region, an insect a pre-historic creature. We use industry standard modeling programs to create and optimize all the models for the 3d printing process. We also create patient specific models from CT and MRI data that is then cleaned up, separated, keyed and prepped for printing.  If you would like to learn more about it, check out our blog for demonstrations and video tutorials.  Additionally, we offer one on one training for those who are interested.

Scanning and Photogrammetry

Another option for acquiring a model is to scan or capture an actual object or specimen through the scanning or photogrammetry process. This process can capture both 3d data as well as photographic textures. Depending on your needs and the final product we can help determine what will work best for you.



3d Printing

We can print multiple filaments from ranging from PLA ABS,Nylon, Tglase  as well as  full 3d colored prints on request.




Painting and Post processing

post processing
Airbrush finishing a vertebrae model

Even though 3d printing has started seeing some full color prints, most are desaturated or simple 2 to 3 color prints. Hand painting and finishing the models is an art in itself.  We use hand painting, airbrush and final coatings to ensure a quality and long lasting product.