Medical Legal Exhibits

3d Printing technology coupled with actual patient data allow us to create patient specific models. This customized model gives us the opportunity to view the real data first hand.

Medical and Scientific Models can be created from CT or MRI data. We convert the data selecting only the pertinent structures and clean up the data to be prepared for the next steps. Making a watertight, manifold model that is divided and often keyed to fit together in a final 3d print.

We also offer 3d anatomical models created using references and 20 years of professional experience as medical illustrators in the field. These 3D models can then be used in a a variety of ways, from illustration to animation and 3D prints and exhibits.

Demonstration of surgical events, accidents or anatomical education is easier to understand when you can hold it in your hands and examine it from every angle. In addition, matching animations, illustrations and VR models can be developed to round out the complete experience. Check out some of the examples here at echo medical media.

We would be happy to talk with you about your case or model requirements and provide you with a quote as well as suggestions to best demonstrate your needs.