Spiders from Space Scanning workflow with Artec scanner

Had a great time sharing our workflow with others at a techniques boutique for the Association of Medical Illustrators annual meeting in Boston. Wes, Kevin and I demonstrated the futuristic wonders of the Artec space spider scanner followed by a workflow in pixologic Zbrush to take the scan data and make it usable for animation, illustration and 3d printing.

More specs on the scanner can be found here.


The wonderful specimens used for the demonstrations were provided by Wendy Chadbourne, CMI,
An example seen below is her Black Bear  (Ursus americanus) 


Zbrush Workshop at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

Presentation workshop RMCAD
Zbrush Worskshop at RMCAD

A beginner level workshop was presented by myself Wes Price and Xochitl Vinaja for RMCAD in Denver Colorado. This workshop was a beginning level course offered to students and faculty interested in introductory zbrush skills and beginner level workflows. We covered interface basics, workflow and zbrush processes, new tools and techniques for 2018, sculpting and painting basics and final considerations for 3d print, illustration and animation. It was a great group of people. Thanks to all who participated and lined up the course.


Zed for your head at the Association of Medical Illustrators Conference 2018 Boston Massachusetts

I recently had the pleasure of being invited back again this year to present another zbrush workshop with my colleagues, Wes Price and Xochitl Vinaja. This workshop was tailored for the annual Association of Medical Illustrators Conference in Boston. Our workshop was an intermediate level course that included the process of scanning techniques  and importing data then reworking the models in zbrush to make them more usable and topologically efficient, reprojecting and sculpting details as well as painting, UV mapping and final output considerations for 3d print, illustration and animation. We are available for one on one instruction or on site workshops as well.

Video demonstration process model to 3dprint

3d Elk model


This process involved the use of the following software: 3d modeling in Z-brush, C4D, slicing in Cura, Meshmixer, NetFabb basic. The printing was done on an Ultimaker2 using colorfabb PLA. The print time was approximately 42 hours for the body and 4.25 hours for the antlers. The layer height is .6 with a 50 mm/s print speed. Finishing techniques and processes included the use of filer, primer, copper paint and oil paints to create a bronze finish.